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Our History


The initial efforts to form a golf course at Hanmer Springs were commenced in 1911, when the residents collected the sum of £50 and approached the Tourist Department, which then had a branch at Hanmer Springs, upon the matter. As a result, a meeting of the interested was held on 9th February with Dr Campbell Duncan presiding, and a movement was initiated to form a course as a Departmental venture aided by the residents. A committee was appointed; the members of this original body being, Mr. W G Morrison, Mr. W J Horwell, Dr.C Duncan, the late Mr. A P Smith and Mr. O Anderson presided. The formal opening took place on 30th September 1911.

Golf Club Opening 1911 Hanmer Springs Golf Club Prize Giving

On 10th October, a further meeting took place for the purpose of forming a residents’ club. The scale of charges were to be: Gentlemen, £1.1 Ladies, 10/6d; Visitors; 1/- single round, 2/6d. for three days, 5/- weekly, 10/- monthly. This suggestion was duly moved and carried. The Hanmer Golf Club, since changed to the Hanmer Springs Golf Club, came into being with membership of nineteen men and twenty women. Of the original members the only ones now residing in Hanmer are O Lahmer, A Reid, Miss. A Lahert, Miss. M Stewart and Mrs. E Peek. This club was run under the auspices of the Tourist Department and the first officers elected were; Patrons D Rutherford, D.D. Macfarlane and Geo W Forbes; Club Captain: A P Smith: Vice Captains: W G Morrison and W H Atkins Committee: Messrs H Phillips, O Anderson, Dr Campbell Duncan and A Mathieson, Hon Secretary and Treasurer: A P Smith.

In 1912 it was decided to join the affiliated Golf association of New Zealand, and in that year also the ladies showed their initiative by holding the first Ladies Championship.

At a meeting on 29th October 1912, a decision which would call forth loud cries of derision from the lady members today was posted to the effect that each lady play her round with a male member of the Club; partners to be allotted by drawing from a full list of male members.

It was evidently felt that something more than a club run under the auspices of the Government Department was required, so that at the first Annual General Meeting held in 1912 it was decided that a separate club be formed and the subscription 10/- for men and 5/- for ladies be collected over and above the fee charged by the Tourist Department.

For a good many years following such an enthusiastic commencement the club pursued a somewhat chequered career. Difficulty was experienced in obtaining sufficient means to develop the course. Financial aid, however, was forthcoming from several public bodies providing that returned soldiers from the hospital were granted free use of the course. The Tourist Department and later the Health Department, continued to grant an annual subsidy; the YMCA for several years granted a subsidy of £25; and the Red Cross Society of Christchurch made a grant of £50. In later years the membership has increased considerably as also having visitors playing; two facts which have placed the Club on altogether firm footing.

In 1923, the course, though still remaining at nine holes, was to some extent shifted and altered to occupy its present position, and also saw the building of the pavilion.The funds for the purpose having been collected since 1921 by means a dances and other entertainments. The next important event and the one which proved to be the greater factor in bringing about the present wonderful state of the fairways of the original nine holes was the purchase of a of a triplex mower in 1928.

The latest phase in the history of the Club, and one so important to the growing reputation of Hanmer Springs as a Tourist Resort, is the completion of a full eighteen hole course. The first step was taken in 1928, when an option was obtained over a section of land adjacent to the already existing course. The completion of the eighteen holes was brought about by the generous action of Mrs. Duncan Rutherford of Leslie Hills in the presenting of that piece of land which forms the portion of the course now know as the Rutherford Block. The nine holes completing the course were finally opened for play by the President Mr. G O Rutherford, on the opening day of 1932-33.

Before drawing this brief historical sketch to a conclusion mention must be made of the sterling services rendered the Club by the two out standing secretaries, the late Mr. A P Smith 1911-1919, and Mrs. E M Winstone 1920-28

Over the last 81 years the Hanmer Springs Golf Club has thrived with the membership now standing at Full Men 122, Full Ladies 45, Country Men 37, Country Ladies 16, Juniors 13, Social 7, Life members 6. All up we have to date 245 members. As for the development of the golf course over the past years it is looking great, and with the new extension to the office and shop, and the big old stone fireplace being removed, it now opens up the clubhouse in one large room for tournaments and social occasions.


Centennial Celebration

Patron: Brian Pool & Mrs Beverley Pool








Right: Brian Pool, Robert Buchanan &

Bryan Mustchin

Life Members:

Robert Buchanan, Rod Ensor, Brian & Beverley Pool &

Leslie Harris

Centennial Committee:

Don Giles, Lindays Debenham, Judith &

Bryan Mustchin, Jason hill,

Richard Tapper & Lyn Lunn

Centenary Celebration

4th-6th November 2011

What a great weekend was held by all who attended - from Friday nights “conversatione” until Sunday’s unveiling of the official Plaque and then a BBQ lunch, the weekend went without a hitch.

About eighty people attended Friday night with a lot of past and present members rubbing shoulders. The highlight of the night was a letter from The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and a presentation was made to the Club of the flag from the 18th green from the final day of this year’s British Open held at Royal St. Georges, in Kent, UK. The flag is signed by Padraig Harrington, a former winner of the Open.

The weather played its part with a great day in store for the 86 players who played an Ambrose competition on Saturday. Brian Pool started the proceedings with a “Shot Gun” start. This was one tournament where everyone was a winner.

Saturday night saw 102 people sit down to a formal dinner at the Heritage. Guest speakers Mrs Beverley Pool, Mr. Rodney Ensor, Sir Richard Hadlee and Mr. Philip Leishman (Host of the HSBC Golf Show) enthralled the guests with their wit and humour.

Sunday morning saw a more formal start to the day with the unveiling of the Commemorative Plaque by our Patron and his wife, Mr. Brian and Mrs. Beverley Pool. The planting of a Japanese Maple by our oldest Life member, Mr. Bob Buchanan, was followed by holes of golf and a barbeque lunch.

The Golf Show will be featuring the weekend on its show in the next few weeks.

Thank you very much to our Centenary Committee who put this weekend together. It has been 2 years in the planning, and to come up with a great weekend is a credit to this committee.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Ballard for donating a painting of the “Gum Tree” beside No. 7 Green. This is truly a magnificent painting and we are very grateful to Mike for it.

Below is the site to go to to look at photos taken at the Centenary.