Course Sponsors
1 Hanmer Thermal Reserve Pools & Spa www.hanmersprings.co.nz
2 Hanmer Building Solutions www.hanmerbuildingsolutions.co.nz
3 O'Flynns Irish Pub www.oflynns.co.nz
4 Minson Builders
6 Hanmer Alpine Electrical www.christchurchelectrical.co.nz
7 Bachcare Holiday Homes
8 Liquor Centre A.V.I  
9 Harcourts Twiss Keir Reality www.harcourtshanmer.co.nz
10 Heritage Hotel Hanmer Springs
11 Gavins Logging Limited  
12 Hanmer Spring Cleaning lesliemitchell2@gmail.com
13 Ford Baker Valuation Ltd www.fordbaker.co.nz
14 Millers Home www.millers.co.nz
16 Alpine Village Inn www.alpinevillageinn.co.nz
17 James Bull Locksmith
18 Hanmer Four Square www.foursquare.co.nz
P.G. St Helens Gate www.sthelensgate.co.nz
  Hanmer Holiday Homes www.hanmerholidayhomes.co.nz
Club Sponsors
Heritage Hanmer Springs www.heritagehotels.co.nz/hotels/heritage-hanmer-springs
Millers Home www.millers.co.nz
Hanmer Holiday Homes www.hanmerholidayhomes.co.nz
Majuba Gallery www.majubagallery.co.nz
Up the Garden Path www.upthegardenpathhanmersprings.co.nz
Mirror Mirror Boutique mirrormirrorboutique.vendecommerce.com
Monteiths Brewery Bar www.mbbh.co.nz
Hanmer Fashionworks www.hanmerfashion.co.nz
The Village News www.facebook.com/thepinkiehanmersprings
Pub Charity www.pubcharity.org.nz
Cart Sponsors
Harris meats - Cheviot www.harrismeats.co.nz
Bizzy Bee Cleaning  
Hole Sponsorship Option
Hole Sponsorship plus 2 subscriptions or 1 subs & 1 visitor member $1100.00 + GST
Putting Green Sponsorship Option
Putting Green Sponsorship plus 2 subscriptions or 1 subs & 1 visitor member $1550.00 + GST
Cart Sponsorship Options
1 x Cart Sponsorship plus 1 subscriptions $750.00 + GST
1 x Cart Sponsorship Only $400.00 + GST
Please contact the Club Manager at 03 3157110 in regards to sponsorship.