About Us
Welcome to Hanmer Springs - "New Zealand's Favourite Destination Golf Club"...
Hanmer Springs is only 90 minutes from Christchurch Airport but when you arrive you'll find yourself transported into a different world.
Visitors have been drawn here for many decades in order to relax, rejuvenate and take in the wonderful atmosphere and scenery of this magical town.
You're probably already aware of just how beautiful a spot this is. And you may have heard of our famous hot pools and spa. What you may not know however is that we are also home to one of the most enjoyable and spectacular golf courses in the country. 
One of the most spectacular golf courses you'll ever play on
We've been described as "Heaven's Golf Course" and as you walk the beautiful fairways and take in the stunning Alpine surroundings and views, you'll realise there's a lot of truth in this claim. Hanmer Springs is, for certain, one of those courses that every serious and passionate golfer in New Zealand should play at least once. Ideally many times!
This course is equally rewarding and enjoyable for golfers of all ages and abilities. The pro's love playing here. But those of us at, shall we say, a more basic standard, tend to fall in love with the course immediately too. As well as world class greens and magnificent views, there's something magical in the air here.
"A round of golf you'll never, ever forget"... 
In fact, a popular local myth describes how the unique healing energy of Hanmer Springs has the power to fix anyone's golfing game. So if you've been going through any kind of slump recently then this could be the miraculous round you've been waiting for!
A warm friendly welcome awaits you... 
One things for sure, you'll never forget your game of golf in Hanmer Springs. Walking down the 18th fairway back to our spacious and comfortable club rooms, you'll be delighted with the warm and friendly welcome you'll receive. Come and say "Hello" to some of the local members. We truly are a welcoming bunch and our hearts are just as big as our mountains. We'd love to see you up here any time of the year.

The course is open 364 days a year (Closed Christmas day), and is a popular destination for individuals and groups both small and large. You can hire clubs, trundlers and motorised carts. Whatever you need, we'll look after you. Please call us any time to ask about our current special offers and group packages. Also our clubhouse and facilities are available for private functions and bookings.
A note of caution...
It's only fair to warn you up front that you may well enjoy your round of golf here SO much.
And you may fall in love with our beautiful wee town to such a degree that you decide you never want to leave.
You have been warned!
Seriously though, we'd love to welcome you, your family and your friends up here for a game very soon :)