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Saturday Club Day 01June24.

There was another big turnout for Saturday Club day which is always great to see. 

Mark Worner was the winner of the mens event followed by Gray Prebble and Stepen Kilpatrick.

On the ladies side Nicky West had a win followed by Carolyn Williams.

Two's Stephen Kilpatrick, Ken Williams, Brent Berry and Sandra Best.

Nearest the Pin Mark Worner. 

Net Eagles, Jackpot two's not struck


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Hanmer Ladies Need your Help

The Hanmer ladies are hosting the last round of interclub on Mon June 17th . 

We are having a raffle on the day and invite any club members to donate raffle prizes to help. 

Prizes usually are chocs. Home baking. Hand creams - potted plants - golf balls . 

Any donations appreciated. Happy to collect or drop off ay the golf club before mon June 17th.

Thankyou .

Nicky West 



Its Victory for the Ladies in the Fiji Trophy 

Coming into this game all even at 2-2 after the exciting Fijian series, the final and deciding game was played at Hanmer Springs Golf Club on June 1st. 

In the end, Nicky West and Carolyn Williams easily overcame Brent Berry and Ken Williams to claim the first prize, which was an unlimited supply of Lindauer Bubbles at the bar afterwards. There was much good natured gloating and bragging amidst the boisterous celebrations.

Well done, ladies. 

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Rule of the Month June 2024

Use of equipment: Tees and other devices

When playing a ball from the teeing area, a player may place a ball on a tee for the stroke, but there is no compulsion to actually use a tee. The rules do not specify that the “tee”must be either wooden or plastic either. The definition simply refers to “an object” used to raise the ball above the ground. Presumably it could be metal, but that would probablycause unnecessary damage to the club during the stroke. It can also simply be a raised indentation made with a club or foot, which Laura Davies does when teeing off.
However, the rules specify that the tee must not:
• be longer than 101.6mm ( 4 inches)
• be designed or manufactured in such a way that it could indicate the line of play
• unduly influence movement of the ball, or
• otherwise assist the player in making a stroke

Tees may be tethered together, or to an anchor ( such as a pitch repairer) provided thatnothing is used to help with line or making the stroke.

Although a tee may only be used in the teeing area, there may be occasions when the tee issubsequently used for the 2nd or 3rd stroke on that hole e.g.
• playing a ball after taking the stroke and distance penalty ( whether voluntarily or
• playing a stroke after the first tee shot, when the ball has either not left the
teeing area at all e.g. an air shot; a very short one, or has ricocheted back into the
teeing area and is now at rest. In any of these scenarios there is no penalty for moving the ball, putting it back on a tee, or moving it to another part of the teeing area.



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